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A registered charity established in 2008 to make small grants available to young people who are leaving or have left the care system in Ireland, specifically to help in areas of education and personal development

More applications than we can cope with!

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Covid 19 has seriously restricted our ability to fundraise and currently we are dependant on generous donations from supporters. The pandemic has also generated a much higher level of grant applications, particularly for laptops as so much teaching will now be online. From the level of applications, we already know, and regret, that we will not be able to meet all eligible applications for grants this year.

We are still accepting applications for grants but If you require a laptop we recommend that you also apply to avail of the government scheme which is designed to meet the needs of students who do not have the resources to provide their own. (See www. 17,000 laptops ordered to assist students) As soon as you have accepted a place on your chosen course, contact the college/school concerned and look for details of how they are operating the scheme.

The Board
Care Leavers Ireland
September 2020

Any child leaving home faces an uncertain future no matter what family and community supports may be there for them.

Children in care are already disadvantaged through no fault of their own. They may well have had many placements and faced innumerable difficulties despite the attention they get in the care system.

Leaving care is therefore a formidable challenge and there is no statutory entitlement to aftercare services in Ireland. Those professionals working with a young person before and after they leave care do everything possible to assist in the transition from a care setting to independent living. Care Leavers Ireland is an organisation that offers help in a small, definite, targeted way to play its part in the case of those who need some extra help at a particular time after leaving care.

Care Leavers Ireland

Care Leavers Ireland


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We are solely dependent on corporate and individual donations

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Care Leavers Ireland is solely dependent on corporate and individual donations as well as fundraising events.