Care Leavers Ireland

Established in 2008, to make small grants available to young people who are leaving or have left the care system in Ireland. It is a registered charity set up specifically to help in areas of education and personal development.

Any child leaving home faces an uncertain future no matter what family and community supports may be there for them. Children in care are already disadvantaged through no fault of their own. They may well have had many placements and faced innumerable difficulties despite the attention they get in the care system.

Leaving care is therefore a formidable challenge and there is no statutory entitlement to aftercare services in Ireland. Those professionals working with a young person before and after they leave care do everything possible to assist in the transition from a care setting to independent living.

Care Leavers Ireland is an organisation that offers help in a small, definite, targeted way to play its part in the case of those who need some extra help at a particular time after leaving care.

Care Leavers Ireland is still very much in its infancy and administered on a voluntary basis which makes demands on those involved. The model used by the organisation is based on that of a similar body in the UK and Care Leavers Ireland is indebted to Ms Janet Rich who has been an invaluable help in the setting up of and development of the organisation here.


Obviously, grants can’t be made without money and fund raising will be an integral and very necessary part of the future of Care Leavers Ireland. Learn more about how you can support our worthy cause here.


If you wish to apply, read more about how to qualify here. If you have difficulty downloading the application form please contact: 086 416 2643 

Care Leavers Ireland
Sabina Higgins
Patron: Sabina Coyne Higgins